07 Mar
Main Service Panel

After passing through the meter, your electrical service feeds into your home’s main service panel, commonly known as the breaker box. Two large “hot” wires connect to big screw terminals,...

22 Feb
Disconnect Switch
08 Feb
Electrical Service Connection and Meter
02 Feb
Furnaces vs. Boilers: Which is Better for Your Home?
11 Jan
10 Tips for Electrical Safety at Home

Understanding your appliance helps to improve device performance and safety.  If an appliance gives you even a slight shock, stop using and call a professional. Your outlets should all be...

16 Nov
Fall Electrical Tips
09 Nov
8 Fall Plumbing Tips to Prepare your Home
01 Nov
Fall HVAC Tips
26 Oct
Smart Thermostat Tips

Programmable and smart thermostats are one of the best ways to save money onelectric bills.● Buy the thermostat that matches your requirements● Install the smart thermostat in the right spot...

18 Oct
Plumbing tool kit starter pack, what do you need?
11 Oct
How to use silicone caulk
04 Oct
02 Oct

WHEN WATERING YOUR LAWN ● Observe the Acton Water District’s outdoor water restrictions. ● Let rainfall do your watering — there are often weeks when we receive an inch or...

26 Sep
14 Sep
12 Sep
05 Sep
Indoor Water Saving Tips

IN THE KITCHEN ● Keep a bottle of drinking water in the refrigerator. This way, there is no need to run the tap to get cool water. ● Only use...

28 Aug
Plumbing Fun Facts
17 Aug
2023 Top 10 Water Heaters to Purchase For Your Home
11 Aug
Plumbing Tips for Renters
07 Aug
How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

How To Fix a Leaky Cartridge Faucet: ● Pry off the decorative cap on the handle, remove the handle screw, tilt the handle back, and pull it off.● If there’s...

27 Jul
Plumbing Myths Debunked 
19 Jul
Plumbing- When to call in the professionals
14 Jul
Summertime Plumbing Tips
14 Jul
Top Things to Avoid Putting in your Garbage Disposal 

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05 Jul
Steps to replace a kitchen faucet
05 Jul
5 useful plumbing tips for beginners
30 Jun
How to manage your hot water usage
25 Jun
What are the top plumbing tips for homeowners? 

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23 Jun
How to prevent clogged shower drains
21 Jun
How to unclog your shower drain
21 Jun
What to do if your toilet runs constantly?
Foster closet of michigan
09 Jun
Giving Back

At Rolls Mechanical it’s important to us to continue to give back and help others in need. Throughout the month of May our employees gathered items to donate to the...

30 May
Van Full of Support
30 May
2019 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals
30 May
Rolls Mechanical Would Like to Formally Thank All
30 May
Thank you to the Detroit Lions and Comerica Bank

Thank you to the Detroit Lions and Comerica Bank for presenting us, Rolls Mechanical, as the Small Business Company of the Game!!In case you missed it, click the following link...

30 May
Rolls Mechanical Celebrates Women’s History Month
30 May
Women’s History