14 Sep

WHEN DOING LAUNDRY ● Only run the washing machine for full loads. ● When buying a new washing machine, buy one that can be adjusted to load-size and has a...

12 Sep
05 Sep
Indoor Water Saving Tips
28 Aug
Plumbing Fun Facts
19 Jul
Plumbing- When to call in the professionals

Are your water bills unusually high? Have you noticed water leakingout around your water heater? These things, along with moldgrowth, loud/strange sounding pipes and water leaking around thebase of your...

14 Jul
Summertime Plumbing Tips
14 Jul
Top Things to Avoid Putting in your Garbage Disposal 
05 Jul
Steps to replace a kitchen faucet
05 Jul
5 useful plumbing tips for beginners

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30 Jun
How to manage your hot water usage
25 Jun
What are the top plumbing tips for homeowners? 
23 Jun
How to prevent clogged shower drains
21 Jun
How to unclog your shower drain

Is your shower draining slowly or not at all? No one wants to stand in dirty shower water! Keep reading for ways to unclog that drain for a better shower...

21 Jun
What to do if your toilet runs constantly?
Foster closet of michigan
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Giving Back
30 May
Van Full of Support
30 May
2019 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals

Congrats to our very own Karly Rolls for being named one of the NEWS 2019 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals. She is one of the many talented young individuals...

30 May
Rolls Mechanical Celebrates Women’s History Month
30 May
Thank you to the Detroit Lions and Comerica Bank
30 May
Rolls Mechanical Would Like to Formally Thank All
30 May
Women’s History

We’re featuring Sarah, a highly talented Rolls Mechanical service plumber. While Sarah is newer to the plumbing trade, she has a strong track record of being successful tradeswomen. Sarah holds...