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Designed to meet your unique requirements, our refrigeration systems operate at peak efficiency.

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Quality Commercial Refrigeration Services in Michigan

Does your refrigeration system fail to meet your needs? More efficient and reliable cooling systems can hamper your business, affecting productivity and profits. Whether you run a restaurant, medical facility, or industrial plant, a well-designed, high-performing refrigeration system is vital.

Let Rolls Mechanical solve these issues with our top-tier commercial refrigeration services. Founded in 1994, we have accumulated 29 years of experience in providing prompt responses and quality work. We understand refrigeration like no other mechanical contractor, and we’re proud of our reputation for delivering value and reliability.

Discover the Power of Efficient Refrigeration

Issues with your refrigeration system can cause spoilage of goods, disrupt services, and lead to unhappy customers or workers. Sub-par systems can also inflate energy costs, resulting in financial losses. Furthermore, inexperienced service providers might lack the expertise to handle complex refrigeration challenges, leaving you frustrated and dissatisfied.
Our expert team provides everything from refrigeration design to maintenance services. For 25 years, we have helped businesses achieve reliable and efficient operation of their refrigeration systems. Our meticulously crafted maintenance programs, beautifully installed systems, and rapid service are unrivaled.

Unleash the Potential of Optimized Cooling

From small coolers to large blast chillers, our tailor-made designs cater to your unique requirements, ensuring your refrigeration systems operate optimally. Whether you’re a private owner, municipality, state institution, or national company, we have the expertise to deliver. When you call for our commercial refrigeration services, you will find a live person to talk to any time of day, ready to dispatch a skilled technician. With over 545+ total years of combined experience in our service department, we are equipped to handle Michigan’s refrigeration needs.