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Women’s History

Meet Sarah, Ellen, Jen, Sasha, and Karly who are excelling in their respective roles, defying stereotypes, and making significant contributions to our industry. Join us in honoring their achievements and inspiring the next generation of women in the trades.

We’re featuring Sarah, a highly talented Rolls Mechanical service plumber. While Sarah is newer to the plumbing trade, she has a strong track record of being successful tradeswomen. Sarah holds her general contracting license, runs her own business, and holds her EPA refrigerant landing license. Simply put, there is nothing Sarah cannot do!

Sarah says likes “having the skills to complete just about anything I set my mind to or the wisdom drive to learn how to”.

We’re happy to see Sarah succeed in the plumbing field and are excited to be supporting her along the way!

We’re featuring Ellen, our senior plumbing service administrator. Ellen has years of previous trades experience, but stepped up to the plate to get the Rolls Mechanical plumbing service department turned into a finely tuned machine. Ellen is a born leader who helps run day to day plumbing operations, quote repairs, and even floor breaks!
Ellen’s favorite part of working at Rolls Mechanical with the plumbing department is “the fast paced atmosphere and that the work changes every day- it’s always something different and new to learn!”

Keep up the great work Ellen!

Jen joined our team about a year ago with a strong manufacturing and technical background. She has grown to be an amazing customer service representative, specialized in supporting industrial & institutional clients. Jen’s mechanical comprehension, with the help of our awesome technicians, has grown so fast making her a rising star in the industry.
Jen’s favorite thing about working at Rolls Mechanical is “learning new things about HVACR every day and being a part of a fast-paced, Family environment”.

We’re excited to see all the great things that Jen will continue to accomplish! Keep it up, Jen!!

We’re excited to feature Sasha- she joined our team with a strong dispatching background. Today, she helps bridge the gap for our new construction clients as they get comfortable with their new facilities, work through their warranty period, and develop service needs. Sasha works with our retrofit and installs teams, ensuring they have all of the materials and support they need to get the job done safely, efficiently, and to the Rolls quality standards.
Sasha’s favorite thing about the HVACR trade and working at Rolls Mechanical is “Working with a super talented group of people who are all so willing to share their wealth of knowledge. I love being part of such a team-focused environment and how fast-paced it can be.”
Sasha’s drive to constantly learn and improve has allowed her to flourish in the trades. We’re very excited to support her success!

In honor of Women’s History Month, Rolls Mechanical is proud to highlight a few of our awesome ladies! Women make up only 1.4% of the HVAC industry, and we’re honored to have so many talented individuals as a part of our family!
We’re excited to end the month featuring Karly Rolls. After graduating from the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor, she joined the family business and took off running. She has enjoyed transitioning the company to a paperless platform, increasing employee benefits, developing more training (including Michigan’s only Department of Labor-recognized plumbing apprenticeship), and developing a more diverse team. Karly works hard to battle the skilled trade labor burden by encouraging young adults, especially women, to find success in an essential career and join the trades.

Karly’s favorite thing about working in the trades and at Rolls Mechanical is “loving what I do and the people I am working with, both my teammates and clients. Having such inspiring professionals around me, encourages me every day to work harder and to never stop learning.”

Keep up the nice work Karly!

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