golden plumbing pipes connected to a water heater

Useful Hints for DIY Electrical Work

  1. Easy to read circuit breakers
  2. Use a radio to test breaker switches
  3. Cover outlets with painters tape while woodworking to prevent dust from getting into the outlets
  4. Use power strips that have a separate switch for each outlet with surge protection
  5. Utilize a power strips on/off switch instead of plugging and unplugging
  6. Compare pocket change to wire diameters to determine gauge sizes
  7. Use wood to decoratively hide wires that hang down for your TV
  8. Strip electrical cable sheathing with a sewing seam ripper

Use liquid electrical tape to fix cracked cord insulation

  1. Cover electrical boxes with painters tape while sanding drywall
  2. Use Flame protector when soldering near flammable materials
  3. A butane torch is perfect for small soldering jobs

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