Call on The ROLLS EXPERTS for all your commercial, industrial, and institutional service needs. We pride ourselves on our expedient and thorough service capabilities.


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

-- Chinese Proverb


The Rolls Experts offer comprehensive diagnostics to integrated HVACR systems. Our technicians are involved in large-scale projects.  They work with design teams, engineers, control contractors, and test and balance contractors and have the required experience to ensure the mechanical components in your building are working together in exactly the way it is engineered to do so.  Changes made to any system can have negative effects on other systems and technicians that recognize the cause and effect of building HVAC systems is critical.  Rolls Experts are trained on comprehensive building HVAC system diagnostics and find themselves vital liaisons for customers working with other building system contractors.

HVACR systems are a very technical and complex combination of components that require a precise methodology. Our long term success has come from listening to our customer's concerns and applying our expertise to address those concerns. 



You will find our service team competent in the following systems and more:

Heating systems

Infrared, Direct-fired, Indirect-fired, Make-up air systems, Boiler Systems, and all corresponding ancillary devices such as pumps, management systems, controls, gas supply systems, exhaust systems and much more

Air Conditioning systems

1-500 ton air and water-cooled systems, cooling towers, split systems, roof top units, geo-thermal systems, vav systems, server room systems, ultra-low temp systems, dehumidification systems, economizer systems, on demand ventilation systems, and all ancillary devices.


Rolls experts are ready to work with your VVT systems, Siemens Desigo systems, Trane Tracer Systems, Metasys, and others.  Rolls works very hard to maintain a solid support network of control experts to identify and remedy problems quickly.

Preventative Maintenance

The Rolls Experts will guide you through developing a customized maintenance program that fits your facility’s needs. Not all buildings are created equal and there is no one size fits all program that can be applied to every client.


See something not on this list? Not to worry, the Rolls Service Experts are some of the best in the country. We work for you and, as our CEO and President James Rolls says, we can do "Anything you need".



We Work For You