Let The ROLLS EXPERTS handle all of your Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration needs. 

ABOUT THE PROCESS: We collaborate with facility owners and their teams to assure proper design engineering. We work hard to meet customer's specifications for today and tomorrow as productions levels, industry standards, quality assurance, and environmental compliance codes change. 

From the concept of design through completion, we are proud to deliver 100% customer satisfaction! Rolls should be your first choice for a qualified mechanical contractor. 

Planning and Design - Whether you are building a new building or retrofitting an old building with new energy efficient equipment,The ROLLS EXPERTS are your best "get it done" choice. 

Equipment Sales - We are authorized dealers and warranty service providers for almost every refrigeration equipment manufacturer. 

Meat Cases                                                             Floral Display Cases 

Vegetable Cases                                                     All Cold Storage Systems

Walk-in Coolers/Freezers                                      Low Temp Blast Tunnels 

Reach-in Boxes                                                      Programmable Controllers 

Produce Terminals                                                Motor Room Parallel Controllers 

Ammonia Systems                                                Beverage Line Systems   

Delicatessen Cases                                                Industrial Ice Machines 

Frozen Food Cases                                               Any Size Supermarket 

Beverage Cases                                                     Ice Rink Facilities